So High!....

Posted 4 months ago in Poetry.

This poem is a simple depiction of drug users and drug dealers.

                                        So High


You're so high and can't come down

hooked on enough to make a fish drown

you claim it's psychedelic

that renders angelic

with no wings stuck in the sky

and no wonder why

you're just a moonshiner

not a bird or a jetliner

you drive a Cadillac

and don't know Jack

your flashy Escallade

makes your enemies escalate

you like to splash

in bling and cash

trying to abash

your street rival

making him  archival

in turn, he'll seek to demolish

destroy and abolish

your brand reputation

to make higher denominations

the end result is a slammer

where you'll sing like MC Hammer

to tattle tale, no glamor

in a Canari lacking grammar

with no shame in a sham

to convert to Islam

and pray to Allah

drugs, dealing, rivalry, crime.


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