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This is a humble attempt depicting crime and punishement.



It's been your desire

for happiness in a shire

with eagerness dire

Oops, wrong time or place

wearing many a hat and a face

struggling with a yearning

spending all earnings

on behaviors and vices addictive

making up reason and motive

hopping on a locomotive

with habits psychoactive

your life style is a ruse

built on drugs and booze

resulting in court battles

and rap sheets that baffle

the most seasoned lawmen who  shackel 

your dream for freedom and rattle 

your foundation and your core to unravel

and collapse like the tower of Babel

you come undone and straddle

your advocate can no longer tackle

you're out of funds to haggle

your way out or dazzel

a lonely dame or frazzel

judge, jury and hassel

the system at no a vail

once free on bail

your old instincts prevail

from crime to crime 

back doing time

living on tax payers dime

this time is longer than ever

did you learn anything ever?

welcome to your 8 by 10 cell

no one can tell

your days counted by a chrono

your record is typed by a steno

searching for a suit pro bono

who may ask for a pardon

from a governor hardened

gubernatorial reprieve?

it's hard to believe

your sob story

prosecutors after glory

your life can't measure

up to a ballot figure

a sought after treasure

by aspiring law makers

say hi to your maker

a decision is made

your life will soon fade

but first a last meal

beef ,chicken or veal?

a visit from a priest

who'll pray for your soul at least!













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