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Veggie burgers tend to be pretty dry and dense, which is why they’re sometimes called hippie hockey pucks. On the plus side, there’s little risk of them dripping fat

As a parent of carb-loving kids, the toaster is one of my most-used small appliances. I use it to heat up all manner of frozen breakfast items, from regular toast and bagels to frozen waffles, French toast sticks, and more. But, according to the internet, I’ve yet to realize the true powers of this trusty device.

Here are five ridiculous (and amazing) things you can do with your toaster.

veggie burgers.

Veggie burgers tend to be pretty dry and dense, which is why they’re sometimes called hippie hockey pucks. On the plus side, there’s little risk of them dripping fat or disintegrating inside your toaster.


Certain pastries, such as the croissant or the pain au chocolat, are often eaten cold, but there's something to be said for the warming embrace of a good, heated pastry. Luckily, your toaster can sort this for you. If you're lucky, your toaster should have a specific warming rack that's used just for situations like this, which will warm up your pastries without turning them too crispy — or, worse, outright burning them. If you really can't use the warming rack, make sure to heat it on a very low setting.


we're not exactly suggesting you go pouring homemade batter into your toaster. That way lies madness. It's entirely possible, however, to make yourself some waffles without the use of a waffle iron by getting hold of either some frozen waffles or some toasting waffles (you should be able to find them at literally any supermarket) and using them instead. You shouldn't need any help on the method, here — it's all pretty self-explanatory.


Like waffles, pancakes can either be made from scratch or pre-made. Naturally, making them homemade is always going to be tastier and healthier, but if you're in a rush it's always possible to throw some store-bought ones into the toaster for a couple of minutes.

If that's not so much your thing, however, it's also possible to reheat old pancakes in your toaster on a low setting. This is the perfect option if you've got time the night before to pre-make them yourself, or if you ever end up with too many after a day spent baking

Toast recipes

We've already mentioned that, despite this list, we've got nothing against toast whatsoever. Okay, got that? Good. But it can be quite bland, can't it? Even if you're adding something like butter or jam, an endless diet of toast can, quite quickly, become more than a little dull. It's always worth remembering, then, that pretty much anything can go on toast, and very little won't taste good. Recipes can range from the simple yet ingenious, such as almond butter, Nutella or salsa, to the complex, such as chicken masala or prawn and sesame.

Use your toaster to grill a steak

Is it a coincidence that a modest cut of steak is about the same dimensions of a piece of toast? YouTubers Rhett & Link of BroBible think not. They tried grilling a steak in their toaster and it actually came out … pretty well! P.S. If your steak’s too thick for your toaster’s slots, use an iron (yes, a clothes iron) to thin it out while also getting a perfect sear.

There's honestly no limit, and the best thing is that many of the things you might choose to eat with your toast could, with the help of a toaster bag, well be cooked in the other slot of your toaster, too, like bacon or vegetables. Go raid the fridge and start experimenting. TongXiang YiCheng Toaster Bag Manufacturers is your good choice, click https://www.txyicheng.com/ to buy toaster bags, and when used and cared for properly, they will last for a long, long time!

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