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Do you feel the elves would understand about aging impacts Zanik could get? Probably. . .we have two issues though. We can't contact the chest, due to my machine dividing, nor can we get in contact with an elf. Heh. . .don't stress, Oldak, I have RuneScape gold a solution to both of your issues. Can you really, Zachman3334? If this is so, I wish you good luck.

Now travel to Lletya, and speak with Arianwyn. Zachman3334, you couldn't have arrived at a better time. Oh? We've received word of the Red Axe trying to get connected with all the Mourners to take over Keldagrim! They'll only do it if they have their military to fight against us. We need to notify the Black Guard, the Temple Knights, the..the

Both of these organizations are already on the case, and probably know what has occurred already. For the time being, I need your help on something distinct. Oh. . .well, what is it? Perhaps you have heard of this Dorgesh-Kahn, or a woman named Zanik from Dorgesh-Kahn? We've got small scouts which make it back to Lletya anymore, but yes, we have heard about her. She's been straightened in a few Strange Box that's time quitting properties.

Where did you discover that box? We found it in Yu'Biusk. Yu'Biusk! It's still available? you know how to open it? He's it reversed. Reversed?! Yes. To start this box, you want a pure crystal spear that Rs 2007 gold has been combined using steel. So where do I get this crystal lace?

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