2v2 courts make a return in NBA 2K22

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With a new location to play in, NBA 2k22 provides a breath of fresh air for fans

With a new location to play in, NBA 2k22 provides a breath of fresh air for fans. To be precise, 2K fans can rejoice because, for the first time in two years, we will no longer be playing our games in the “Neighborhood.”As a result of this iteration of 2k, we will be able to showcase our skills on the newly formed “2K Beach.”The “2K Beach” is a new area to explore, but some of the features from the previous year have been brought back. This article will serve as a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about NBA 2k22 and how to play it.

The Beachfront Residence
Rather than returning to our high rise with a view of the neighborhood, NBA 2K22 has changed the game by giving us a brand new beach house to call our own. When you first arrive in the Neighborhood, the beach house is located to the left of your initial spawn point. This year's MyCourt will be similar to those we've seen in previous years, and it will serve as a place where we can work on our jumpshots and learn new dribble combinations. In addition, the MyCourt allows us to compete against artificial intelligence opponents, as well as against friends and rivals, in a variety of game modes, including entertaining mini games such as King of the Court and Horse. Advice from the pros: The MyCourt is a fantastic place to see who among your friends is the best, so get out there and compete.

A trip to 2K Beach and The Cages is a must.
The Neighborhood has been redesigned in NBA 2k22, and it is unlike anything we have seen before. This year in NBA 2K, you begin your game just outside the court, and the court layout is significantly different from NBA 2K29 and NBA 2K20.2K Beach is home to six 3v3 courts that are all within walking distance of one another. As with the 2v2 courts, they make a return in NBA 2K22, though they are a little further away from your starting point this time around. Instead of being located in the heart of the neighborhood, the 2v2 courts are located to the far left of all three 3v3 courts, which is quite convenient. Unlike previous NBA2K products, the backdrop for this year's neighborhood features stunning views of the coast, as well as the bright lights of the nearby pier, which sets a new standard for visual realism. If you've played NBA 2K26, you might be experiencing some flashbacks. The Cages can be found to the left of the 2v2 courts if you walk a little further down the road. Whenever you want to get sky-high and dunk on your opponents, the Cages is the place to go! The cages have a smaller court that encourages hard fouls; the trampolines on the court allow for high-flying jams and jaw-dropping posters; and the cages have a smaller court that encourages hard fouls. Preparing for the brand new 2K beach by grinding your badges in MyCareer may be a good idea before hitting the sands, so you don't end up shooting 25% on three-point field goals.

The Pro-AM Arena is a multi-purpose facility.
The Pro-Am team arena is located immediately to the right of all of the courts and your initial spawn point in the game. A team is required in order to enter the arena, and it is here that you and your teammates will compete against one another in a regulation basketball game to see if you have what it takes to be the best team in NBA 2K22. As was the case last year, participants in the Pro-Am will be able to choose between 3v3 Pro-Am, which is similar to park gameplay with higher sliders, and Pro-Am 5v5, which is more like regulation basketball gameplay. In the Pro-Am, you will have the opportunity to design your team's logo and uniforms, kicking off your journey to becoming a dynasty. Pro Tip: In order to be successful in Pro-Am, find a group of friends with whom you have chemistry when playing 2k, people who are familiar with your tendencies and your playstyle, and who are supportive of your efforts. Finally, having a physical build that allows you to space the floor and shoot threes while also being able to hold your own on defense is the most straightforward way to find yourself being successful in the Pro-Am.

Swag's (Player Apparel) is an abbreviation for "Swagger's."
Swag's will be returning to the neighborhood for the third year in a row this summer. Swag's is the place to go if you want to get rid of your brown shirt and grey sweatpants. All of your apparel needs, including shirts, hoodies, pants, sweatshirts, on-court accessories, and backpacks, can be found right next to the Pro-Am arena in this conveniently located store. Jewelry, suits, and even mascots can be purchased with cheap 2K MT Coins in NBA 2K22. A featured designer collection is introduced into the store once a week in order to ensure that you are dressed to the highest standards while out on the court. Pro Tip: If you want to be a meta guard this year, you should invest in the BAPE gloves, which provide a +20 shooting boost while wearing them.(In jest)

NBA Store (apparel for players)
If you want to show off your favorite team's gear on the beach or put on a jersey of one of your favorite players while streaking around the court, the NBA store has what you need. The NBA store, which is conveniently located next to Swag's, offers a wide variety of merchandise, including jerseys, hoodies, pants, and shorts in the colors of your favorite team. The boost bar is located directly across the street from both Swag's and the NBA Store, and it allows you to improve your game for a set period of time by purchasing boosts. They can be purchased as singles for 200 NBA 2K22 MT or in a pack of 20 for 2,500VC. These boost are available for purchase as singles or in a pack of 20 for 2,500VC. Tips from the pros: If you have a low three-point rating this year in 2k, I recommend purchasing a couple of shooting boosts, as this will open up your green window, allowing you to time your jump shot with ease.

The Recreation Center is a great place to hang out.
The Rec Center, which is conveniently located just around the corner from the main street in the neighborhood, is the best place to find pickup 5v5 games. As soon as you walk through the door, you will be paired with four other teammates, and you will face off against another team of five. In the 2K community, it is acceptable to arrive as a group of five people, but this is not always encouraged.