Season 2 also brings with it a brand new Rocket Pass for gamers

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Season 2 also brings with it a brand new Rocket Pass for gamers

Season 2 also brings with it  RL Items a brand new Rocket Pass for gamers to buy right into a top rate tier of in-recreation challenges and rewards. As we observed today earlier than the servers went down, season 2 has also introduced with it a few new and continuing issues...

But first, the difficulty at hand! Rocket League isn't playable online! The sport's launch of season 2 seems so famous it seems, that it crashed the servers. Going into this season, we had been seeing concurrent participant counts in-sport starting from 500,000 on weekdays to over 800,000 on weekend evenings, and we can simplest image that quantity maxed out nowadays with the discharge of new content material. Servers may be beginning to come back on line on the time of this writing...

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