Posted 10 months ago in Poetry.

This poem is a critique of current events.


Is this a new trend?

to hate law and not comprehend

the gravity to withstand

order and rules hand in hand

creating chaos in the land

in the name of color and pretend

loode, kill to what end?

if the goal is just to blend

there's no need to offend

break the law and bend

clauses that protect and amend

harmony, safety and fend

aggression and forces codemned

hatred akin to destruction of cement

protesters eager to blend

in crowds from NY to the Heartland

defacing history in Atlanta and Portland

ignoring a plague that append

death, loss and mourning descent

on the collective and all who attend

partake in discord and expand

ill deeds, malice and condescend

civilty, laws and recommend

opposition, oppression and brand

logos and propagandas with dead end.


Living in United States