Which Are Top Mergers & Acquisition In Double Diaphragm Pumps Market Globally?

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Double Diaphragm Pumps Market is expected to expand at 5.50% CAGR during the forecast period 2022-2030.

Double Diaphragm Pumps Market Overview

Double Diaphragm Pumps Market is expected to expand at 5.50% CAGR during the forecast period 2022-2030.

Applications of double diaphragm pumps are increasing significantly in power generation and pharmaceutical industries across the globe. It is safe to assume that the surging investments in the mentioned sectors can lead to emergence of promising opportunities for the double diaphragm pumps market in the following years.

Primary Drivers and Top Deterrents

Double diaphragm pumps find widespread use in high-pressure applications in industrial, commercial and scientific fields.  Increasing investments in the water & wastewater industry combined with the rampant demand for double diaphragm pumps in the chemicals sector is believed to be some of the top growth boosters in the market. 

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The double diaphragm pumps industry is constantly subjected to advancements and innovations, which include air operated pumps that are used in the transportation of liquids with no need for electricity. High-speed and high pressure air-operated double diaphragm pumps have gained high traction in the market, with increasing use in construction and chemical industries.

Fast progression of the global infrastructure sector and the rising investments in pharmaceutical as well as cosmetics are additional factors inducing market growth for double diaphragm pumps. Food and beverage has emerged as one of the most prominent end-users in the market, with growing applications in dairy, poultry, and more.

Market Segmentation

Top segments analyzed while studying the double diaphragm pumps market are operation, discharge pressure, and end-user.

  • The operation-wise market segments are air operated as well as electrically operated. Between these, the air operated segment can note the most demand in the market since the wear witnessed by AODD pumps is lower compared to the mechanical ones.
  • The discharge pressure ranges described in the report are 80-200 bar, above 200 bar and up to 80 bar. Up to 80 bar range holds the leading position in the global market.
  • The notable end-users in the double diaphragm pumps market are pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, oil & gas, chemicals, water & wastewater, power generation, and others. Out of these, the use of double diaphragm pumps is the highest in the oil & gas industry owing to the increasing applications in midstream and upstream processes.

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Regional Segmentation

  • APAC or Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa or MEA
  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe

Regional Insight

Over the next several years, the APAC market can gather the highest momentum, in line with the rising industrialization and the surge in infrastructural advancements. India and China are estimated to be the biggest markets for double diaphragm pumps in the region. MRFR also touts APAC to be the fastest progressing market in the coming years, thanks to the massive investments being made in the water & wastewater industry and the rising awareness about hygienic drinking water. Heavy investments that are made in the infrastructural activities also ensure relentless market growth in the region.

In North America, the massive pool of celebrated vendors and the growing number of mergers between them has been a notable reason behind the market growth. To cite a reference, in May 2019, Dover Corporation (U.S) acquired All Flo Pump Company, which not only helped the former earn substantial revenue, but also boosted the market growth in the region.

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Prominent Competitors

Prominent competitors that are striving to procure a better position in the market for double diaphragm pumps market include AxFlow Holding AB (Sweden), Flowserve Corporation (US), Ingersoll Rand (Ireland), Xylem, Inc. (US), Metex Corporation (Canada), Graco, Inc., (US), All-Flo Pump Co. (US), Yamada Corporation (Japan), SPX Flow (US), Fluimac S.r.l. (Italy), IDEX Corporation (US), Global Pumps (US), Pump Solutions Group (US), CDR Pumps Ltd (UK), Grundfos Holding A/S (Denmark), and more.