How to start a pest control business in India

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It is an easy process to start a business of pest control in India. It also does not need a huge amount of investment

It is an easy process to start a business of pest control in India. It also does not need a huge amount of investment. Pests can be insects, lizards, mosquitoes, cockroaches, rodents, etc. So managing pests is an important activity. They are attracted to open water, stored foods, garbage, dirty places in the kitchen, etc. It can be one of the biggest businesses to start in India. it is the foremost concern to eliminate Pests. Following is the process provided below to start a pest control business in India.

Determining the services of pest control

To start a business of pest control you first have to determine the services of pest control in Pune. It is important to figure them out to know the type of business. Thinking about the problem and the area suited to it is an important task. These services mainly include trapping of varmints, controlling rodents, mosquitoes control, fumigation, termite. These can be one-time services, residential and commercial.

Need for development of skill and training

If you need to start the best control business in India, you should acquire proper knowledge in that field. As there are a lot of dangerous chemicals involved in the process, licensing of the training is also important. The best training and skills should be provided for those who want to set up their business in it. After registering for the training, a certificate is also provided by the Government of India. A person has to complete the training under the Indian Pest Control Association (IPCA). But it is issued only when the training period is over.

The eligibility criteria to begin your pest control business in India are:

1. A person above 18 years is ready to start his or her pest control business in India.

2. He must have an enrollment in pragmatic homestead application experience.

3. It is necessary to get prophylaxis and fumigation training for 15 days. And this training should only be provided by NPPTI, CFTRI or NIPHM.

4. If you have a science degree, you will also be eligible to begin your pest control business in India.

Registration of the Pest Control Business in India

You are now aware of the fact that after a required training, a person needs to register with a license. You can also use any of the two ways of registration while starting a pest control business. They are online registration or offline registration.

For registering the Pesticide license, a person is required to reach the Deputy Commissioners' office. He further has to check for his eligibility before applying for it. After checking the eligibility, all the records are maintained in Required Document Section.

The following steps for license registering are:

1. First go on the website of the Pesticide Registration of India and apply as fresh and new uses for it.

2. Write up all the requirements given in the form with the attached document for verification.

3. Both modes: online and offline can be done for payment.

4. Submit the form.

Requirement of a license while starting a pest control business in India are:

1. The Central Insecticides Board and Registration Committee are the ones watching that if the homesteadides are safe to use.

2. You will also require a license for manufacturing insecticides before starting its manufacturing process.

3. Marketing, selling, distributing, stocking the insecticides, all the process will require a license.

Keep in mind that these licenses are just valid for a period, you have to renew them with time. Proper fees will also be charged against it.

Given above is the following process to start a pest control business in India.

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